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Isla Coatings & Roofing Supply provides premium quality coatings focusing in the following specialty areas: 

Industrial Coatings, Corrosion Control Products, Waterproofing Systems, Exterior Finish Wall Systems, Epoxy Flooring Systems.

Coating Products

Acrysheen - Durable sealer for concrete, brick and stone

BarrierGuard - Leak-proof wall system

Canyon Tone - Uniform color finish on poured conrete, brick and stone

Diathon - Roof Coating designed for direct foam applications

Elastuff Industrial Coatings Family - Unsurpassed corrosion, abrasion and chemical resistance, waterproofing and durability

FlexCoat - Premium grade elastomeric wall coating

KYMAX® - a low-build elastomeric finish coating that provides the ultimate in reflectivity, color stability, algae resistance and weatherability over new or existing roof surfaces

PremiumCoat System - Leak-proof roof system

Rhino Top - Abrasion resistance textured coating for light foot traffic surfaces

Roof Mate - Roof preservation coating

StableRust Primer - Acrylic direct to metal anti-corrosion primer, to stabilize & protect metal surfaces

SureBond Primer - Acrylic primer to prepare masonry & chalky surfaces

TrafficCoat - Slip-resistant deck & walkway

Unisil Roof Preservation System - Silicone Roof Coating with superior weather resistance

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